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19 February 2010

Moroccan chicken on video

5th cooking event mediterranean food - MOROCCO - tobias cooks! - 10.02.2010-10.03.2010

I am participating on The 5nd Mediterranean cooking-event by Tobias cooks
with this recipe and with another recipe Pastilla with Trid
Check out his blog if you want to know more about the contest.

A traditional Moroccan chicken recipe made with spices, preserved lemon, olives, onion and smen, tender and ful of flavor.


  1. I love the crusy chicken with the thick sauce. From what I can see the other recipe you want to participate with is cooked before the event. unfortunately you can only participate with this one.

  2. Salam Sabah :o),
    ohhh...it's been some time since I visited your blog.But,my dear you're on my mind :).It's just that sometimes life gets so busy.
    I want to wish you all good for this cooking event.This dish sure looks very delicious!
    Oh and I also wanted to say that it's so nice that you made a new blog about beauty.I'm just sorry it's in Arabic,because I'd looove to read it =).
    I send you a strong hug honey :)!

  3. love the color of that chicken

  4. I agree the colour is fab! I am sure the chicken is very moist! Looks like a winner Sabah!

  5. BTW I have a question, is this not the same as djej bel zeitoun?

  6. Un magnifique tajine! J'ai voté pour toi.

    Bises et bon dimanche,