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03 January 2010

Pastilla with Trid

I would like to share with you a pastilla recipe, the fillo dough is homemade, this is especially helpful for those who have difficulties finding the pastilla sheets, they can make them at home. I stuffed it with ground meat, chinese vermicelli, mushrooms, red pepper and spices.

Watch the video to discover how easy it is to make these sheets.


  1. its a delight, I love it
    bisous et bonn€ soir€€

  2. looks superb,love the way u have done it...

  3. It's so good but too much work! It's like my big sized spring roll version =)

  4. mais quel travail tu as vraiment du courage de faire tout ca toi meme !!!
    je te tire mon chapeau meme si je n'en porte jamais hihihi !!!

    je te souhaite une bonne et heureuse année 2010