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31 August 2009

Date Balls كرات التمر

Our challenge for this month is from Iraq.
Iraq is a country bordered by the Emirate of Kuwait in the South and by Saudi Arabia through a desert region to the West. To the North there is also a smaller border with Jordan, and a much longer border with Syria. To the East is a long border with Iran across mountainous terrains.(source).
I wish a happy Ramadan to all our families and friends in Iraq.
Je souhaite un trés bon Ramadan à tout nos familles et nos amis en Irak.

Each month the Walima club, which I am a member of, gives a new recipe challenge.
Our friend Arlette from phoeniciangourmet gave us the choice between 3 different recipes, the first savory dish which is called "Lissan el Kadi ", eggplant wrapped meat, I already posted something similar called Eggplant bolognaise.
The second challenge is "Cardamom cookies", I also have a similar recipe called Vanilla cookies, the one thing different is, instead of cardamom I have used vanilla.
So I decided to make the third recipe " Date balls ". /

30 August 2009

Stuffed small Bread

I took this recipe from the blog martinecuisine, which I thank a lot, she has a wonderful blog full of enjoyment.
I changed just a little the recipe by adding my personal touch. I hope that you will try it, trust me, these bread rolls will not last very long once out of the oven. /

29 August 2009

Strawberry dessert

This strawberry yogurt dessert recipe is quick and easy. It uses fresh strawberries. My kids love it, they ask me to prepare it everyday. /

28 August 2009

Olive & Sun Dried Tomato Bread

Today I present you a bread which I personally like, I stuffed it with olives and sun dried tomatoes.
see the recipe of sun dried tomato here) /

27 August 2009

Beef Rolls

I learned how to prepare this dish when I was in Germany, a german friend gave me the recipe which I like a lot, today, I want to share it with you. /