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17 February 2010

Ginger Snaps with Cream

After an absence which was not my choosing, I return with this recipe that I hope will please you. The reason for the delay, I had difficulties posting my recipes.
The troubles began with my camera breaking which I resolved by buying another one. Then the program with which I use to edit my videos does not work anymore... I lost 3 recipes that I had already filmed, plus 2 recipes which remained as photos (the video disappeared).
How did I resolve this problem ?
Well I had the same editing program on the laptop, I use the lap top right now, waiting to find a solution to be able to work on the computer (honestly, I prefer to work on the PC better than the laptop, it is easier and faster).

This Snaps recipe does not ask for many ingredients, and nevertheless they are delicious treat not just for holidays but all year round.


  1. Ces gâteaux sont splendides! J'avais des envies d'essayer de les faire depuis longtemps mais je ne les ai jamais fait, j'ai peut-être peur de les manger entierement! La photo est parfaite! Irresistible.

  2. wow excellent sabah,looks so nice..

  3. Yum, those look scrumptious with the delicious cream filling!

  4. Waw, it looks yummy crunchy and delicious tbarkallah 3la lala Sabah:)

  5. Merçi ecnore Sabah De tes efforts; ma mère nous a fait ce gateaux une fois qaund jetais encore petite ! tu ma fait revenir au annes de primaire :).. Merçi bcp , je compte inch allah le faire et faire revivre la recette :)