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28 February 2010

Barley Couscous كسكسو بلبولة

Hello everybody, today I present to you a recipe from my mother, Couscous made from Barley.
When I was small, I hated this kind of couscous and also the
Whole wheat Couscous, not only me, but my brother and my younger sister (allah yerhemha),
as well. My mother, the poor woman, in order to please us, she use to prepare both.
At meal time, she served the dish called Lgess3a, half with normal couscous and
the other half, couscous of barley (or whole wheat couscous ).
Those who liked the normal couscous sat on the right, and me, my younger sister and
my brother, put ourselves to the left.
It was very funny because Lgess3 had two different colors, we all enjoyed eating
from a single dish, as most of the Moroccan do, which is for me, a symbol of the family affection (which I miss for the moment).


  1. This looks healthy and very colourful...

  2. Salut sousou,
    C'est tout simplement magnifique.
    Surtout ne cesse pas de nous surprendre avec tes beaux plats et ton talent de cuisinière hors pair.
    Je comprend tellement la nostalgie qui se lit dans texte.
    Gros bisous