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02 March 2010

Chocolate Pretzel

I want to share with you a chocolate pretzel recipe. For those of you who asked for a recipe of salty pretzels, here is a picture of some that I have made, but please be a little patient, I will post it in the future.
I found this recipe in one of my American pastry books. At the beginning I was amazed because I have only known pretzels since I lived in Germany, which are salted, my son use to eat them all the time.
So I was curious to try these sweet version. The result was not bad at all, even my son, said that now all that he wants to eat are the sweet ones.


  1. Looks delicious, way to go Sabah kiss and hug

  2. looks superb,love chocolate and this one am surely gonna try

  3. I love this kind of biscuits, thanks for the recipe !


  4. Marhaba my friend

    These are delicious, i did the original flavour, but not the chocolate ones. thanks for sharing..
    I did the new challenge put a link to your Makroud video....if that is okay with you