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09 January 2010

Chicken & Cauliflour Tajine

Hello my friends,
I'd like to announce that I'm participating in a competition that our friend Leila of the blog
saveur d'ailleurs organized, this is a competition for the best tagine recipe.
For more information or if you want to participate, click HERE.

I left the choice to Leila to choose 1 or 2 recipes, I have 14 Tagines recipes, good luck
to all participants.

I present you a tajine with chicken and cabbage, it's delicious and easy to prepare, what I like in tajine it is that we can replace a vegetable by the other one, for example the cabbage with peppers or green olives for example.


  1. Colourful & beautiful clicks...loved the way of doing it in that spl pan..

  2. It looks very beautiful. I like tagin very much. My mother in law she makes the best tagin. BTW I think I should try this one. Thanks for the recipe and nice pictures that make me as a beginner follow it easily. Happy New Year.

  3. that's very healthy, i love this dish!