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11 January 2010

Orange Tart

Depressed with the dull dreary days, here is a delicious desert that with it 's zesty orange taste brings a little bit of sunshine to your home.
An easy, delicious desert, like the one that you see in the supermarket, but a thousand times better.


  1. U have arranged the slices so beautifully...looks wonderful as well as tempting

  2. Hello my friend
    what an awesome tart, Oh I love it with the orange slices...
    something is wrong with my pc I cannot manage to open the video to see the recipe. I will try later.
    Merci cheri

  3. i am not too fond of tarts but I love oranges =)

  4. Elle est superbe! Bravo Sousou, vous avez du vous régaler.

  5. نهارك سعيد أختي صباح
    طارط غزااالة الله يسلم يديك

  6. A delicious and very seasonal tart, love it!

  7. Always so delicious...
    Tsbark Allah 3lik !

  8. What a bright-looking pastry! One of my favorite cake was an orange cake I made from a Gaston Lenotre cookbook; it reminds me of your tart!