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14 December 2009

Sheep Legs

Hello my friends,
I continue to present you recipes of El Eid,
I know that it is little late but
it is against my will because to prepare a single video, it takes me a lot of time,
if you will excuse me.
This dish is very present for us Moroccan during El Eid, the legs of sheep with
a variety of spices, we add to it at the end chickpeas, the sauce should be very thick.


  1. lahla yekhatik alina ya Sabah You ARE THE BEST,
    YUM YUM very delicious!!!!!!!!

  2. We call it nihari,reminds me of home :D

  3. Salam sabah
    Am happy bc i can post a coment now It was impossible for me yesterday
    i like sheeplegs and your photos are so delicious
    I have a surprise for u
    Best wishes

  4. bonjour ma chère allah yaatik assaha bonne journée

  5. you are the best !!!