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11 October 2009

Florida beach

Hello everybody, today I did not present you a recipe, but in stead photos which I want to share with you. My son has asked me to go to the beach for over a week, I promised to take him because he deserves it, he is great at school.
I know that most of you live in countries where it is cold for the moment, but here it is the opposite, we still have the summer heat and as you can see in the photos, here in Florida, people still go to the beach.

Here are my two sweethearts


  1. Oh Sabah :),
    that was so nice of you to post such beautiful pictures.One could only wish to go to Florida.
    Your children are so sweet.You are a blessed woman :)!
    Have a nice week.Kisses!

  2. Je préfère et de loin la dernière photo, machaallah!! lah yahfadhoum laki.

  3. tbarkallah pour tes enfants ils sont très beau mashallah!
    profiter bien du beau temps, ici il fait froid! grrrrrr
    gros bisou hbiba

  4. it's really hotter there where you are, now it's really getting cold here.

    outings are great, good for you!

  5. salam ma chere,
    comment ca va ?
    ca fait longtemps que je ne suis pas passer te faire un petit coucou , mais c'etait " beyond mu will"! a chaque fois que j'ouvrais ton blog, tout coince sur mon pc, je crois que je dois le reformater car il le pauvre n'arrive pas a supporter le load des videos sur ton blog. lolllllll

    any way, merci bcq pour tes delices et ces belles photos de florida. tbarkallah ala tes enfants. rabi yahfedhoum inchallah


  6. bonjour ,jolis paysages qui font rêver ,ils sont mignons tes amours .merci d'être passé me voir .bon week-end :0010:marine