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30 December 2009

Happy New Year 2010

I wish everybody a New Year filled with peace, prosperity and happiness.

29 December 2009

Orange Chicken with Orange Rice

Although the orange is in both, the rice and the chicken, the taste is light
and does not have an overpoweringly citrus taste.

This is the first time I used an orange sauce for my dish, but I grantee
it won't be the last.

27 December 2009

Fajitas & Taco Sandwich

I present you a recipe of Taco and Fajitas, it might not be the Mexican style, but it's something my family likes and it's a tasty healthy recipe.

23 December 2009

Coconut Roll Cake & Bûche De Noël

I prepared you a chocolate roll cake to share with you and to wish you :
"Merry christmas" to all my blogger
friends and to my visitors.

Here is Roll cake called "Bûche De Noël" that I prepared a few months ago, click on the photo to see the recipe on video.

22 December 2009

Lemrouzia / لمروزية

Here is another recipe of El Eid, Lemrouzia, it is a traditional typically Moroccan dish, that combine together a salty and sweet flavor .
I personally do not like sweet sauces very much, but this dish is well spiced, accompanied by our Moroccan bread click, I eat it with a big appetite.

21 December 2009

Oatmeal Muffins

These small delights are made with oatmeal, I added it a few raisins.
A simple recipe that asks for nothing but fair pleasure to your children.