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31 January 2010

Breaded Fish & Vegetable Fritters

Hi my friends,
Before telling you about the current recipe, I would like to thank you for your help and for all the information that you gave me to help me resolve the problem with my video.
You are really great friends, you assured me that I can count on you every time I need your help.
The problem is still not resolved, I will let you know in my next recipe.

The recipe which I present to you is Breaded Fish and Vegetable Fritters, which I personally like very much, a simple recipe, all you need to do is grate vegetables, mix them with a little flour, egg, cheese and spices.

29 January 2010

Need help

Hello my friends,
Today I don't have a recipe for you, but I have a request, if somebody can help to resolve my problem, my camera broke and I do not know what to replace it with.
The camera "Cannon" which is in the first picture is the one that I had since I began to make recipes on video, actually I was satisfied with the result, regrettably it broke recently.

As you see in the second photo, the lid which closes on the batteries broke, I tried to thinker with it by putting a little tape on it, but that did not work, I tried to get it repaired at a camera store, they almost charged me the price of a new one.

I don't have a problem with pictures, because I own this camera "Cannon" with which
I am satisfied.

I bought this camcorder "Samsung", I filmed a single recipe with this
"Sheep Tajine with Artichokes", the video was very dark, I could hardly see the film.

I bought another one "Canon" (of course I brought the first one back to the store).

I tried it, I am still not satisfied with the result.

As you can imagine, all these camcorders function with a memory card.

The problem I have, is I want to work with my old video camera " Samsung " and forget all about the rest, but this camera works with a cassette, not with a memory card.
I do not know how to download the video from the cassette to my pc??????
The software from the company website does not work.

Is there anybody out there who can help me with this ?

Here is the type of cassette which I use to make videos.

I would be very grateful if somebody could help me.
Excuse me for this bla bla bla, but I thought that through my blog, I can resolve this problem once and for all.
I have more of recipe to share with you, but because of the quality of the videos, I am cutting back on the number I publish due to the poor quality.
Thank you for reading this even if you can't help me.

25 January 2010

Sandwich Cookies

are one of the fastest and easiest things to make. Generally they are a simple combination of all-purpose flour, unsalted butter and sugar.
You can make these cookies with any type of flavor you want, simply change the type
of jam you use.

21 January 2010

Lamb Tajine with Artichoke

I never get enough of Tagines, I prepare them almost all the time, I like the flavor and they are very easy to prepare.They are perfect for inventing new salty and sweet recipes.
If you do not own a Tagine, you can prepare these tagine recipes in a normal pot, it will give you a similar result.
The recipe I offer you today is a lamb tajine, with artichokes, peas and fava beans.

17 January 2010

Honey Wheat Bread

I love bread. I grew up in a family where we ate a fresh, home-made bread every day.
I kept this habit to make my own fresh bread, I like this great smell which fills the whole house,
I enjoy to bake other breads, coming from other cultures, containing different ingredients.
This time, I'll show you how to prepare a very simple bread , with some honey, I used organic wheat flour.
This it is a recipe that I found in one of my German books, Germany is very known for this kind of bread.