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15 March 2010

Strawberries Festival

We bought a lot of strawberries at the festival, because they were so cheap and sweet.
Fortunately for my mother in law, her birthday was on the same weekend, so I made her a birthday cake out of strawberries.
Here is the picture which I will publish in my next video.

Last month, me and my family went to The Florida strawberry festival.
Florida is a large grower of strawberries. Once a year, this strawberry festival takes place in a town next to mine.

Although the cold weather spell in Florida killed a lot of strawberries, there were still a lot of strawberries to go around.

As you can see, this strawberry festival has been around for a long time.

Besides strawberries, there were also rides to ride and games to play.

There were plants for sale as well.

For example this Pitcher plant.

Of course the cookbooks using strawberries grabbed my attention.

There were also arts and crafts exhibits like these houses made from plastic and yarn.

My favorite part of the arts and crafts display was the cake competition, I think if no one had been watching, I would have cut them open, to see what they look like inside.

Among the band that plays there, was the south american group that had its own dancer with this great costume.

Of course being a strawberry festival, anything that you could make with strawberries, or had a strawberry theme, was for sale.

I know what you are thinking, these strawberry pies look delicious.
Actually they are candles, that look like pies. They look so real that I had to ask the vendor because I didn't believe it myself.

I was not only hungry from the strawberry festival, but I was also thirsty. Fortunately, strawberries were not the only plants for sale, this great peppermint plant was for sale as well,
Before leaving, I bought these plants, so I didn't have to carry them around.
As soon as we got home, I made some fresh Moroccan peppermint tea, when I closed my eyes for a minute, I was in Morocco.


  1. Great pictures. Hope you come back next year. The best way to describe a trip to the Florida Strawberry Festival is it's an "experience".

    Al Berry

  2. coucou sabah ton gateau est sublime bravo a toi ma chere
    tu c le lien en haut la ou il ya je vous invite mon blog en français ici ne fonctionne pas j'arrive pas a accéder bisou$$$$

  3. Wonderful report about the strawberry festival!!! great photos as usual Sabah...everything looks so so yummy and beautiful.