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04 February 2010

Mille feuille (The thousand sheet)

At the request of some of my subscribers from You tube, I present you my home-made Mille Feuille.

You know, in my home town Kénitra in Morocco, there is place square called "Khebbazat", it is a place full of stores, coffee shops, restaurants, salesmen of everything and of anything.
There is a pastry store which I visit every time I go there to eat Mille Feuille, it is true that they have cakes with different flavors, but I am a regular of the Mille Feuille.
Everytime my sister Hayat says "Let's go to Khebbazat shopping", I say to her :"that means we will eat a Mille Feuille. She looks at me and rolls her eyes and says: "
" Sabah, we just had lunch 10 min ago", she no longer argues with me anymore because she knows beforehand that the pastry shop is my usual stopping place, she does not know that if I could, I would have taken this pastry shop here to the USA and place it just next to my house.

Thank you Hayat, my dear sister for your company which always pleases me when I am in Morocco. Only God knows how much I love you all.

Actually, I have already prepared Mille Feuille but the puff pastry was from the store, I had never prepared it from scratch, because of the lack of time.
This time, I divided the recipe in 2 days, I began by preparing the dough the first day, because it takes too much time, to work the dough, to let it rest in the refrigerator 20 min, and this must be done 6 times.
The next day, I bake it, I prepared the pastry cream and the glazing, I still had only the shaping and the decoration, it is really very easy if you share the work in 2 days, you don't feel the stress caused by the recipe.
Anyway, as soon as you put the first small piece in your mouth, you forget quite all the steps of the recipe, one thing remains, the happiness with the first bite.


  1. salam o 3alikom .. i want to thank you for all what are you making tbarkalah 3likk . am asking you if you have the ingrediants of the lka3k eloujdi so please if you can put it in your blog and thanks again . wasalam o3alikom lah i3awnak .

  2. Sabah, machaallah you are the best, you are our fortune allah yikhalik lina amine and thanks for all you do:)

  3. j'adre ton mille feuille et j'ai regardé la vidéo sr youtube tu fais un sacré boulot bravo ma belle je suis fan:)

  4. wow my friend
    these are gorgeous and delicous.. I can have one right now... great posting Sabah

  5. Sabah
    I love a good millefeuille more than anything in the world of pastry and I have to wait to eat one in Lebanon in Beirut or be in Paris because here in the US, you cannot find decent French pastries in Dallas.
    I admire you for doing it from scratch. I love it!

  6. Oh Sabah :o),
    as soon as I saw the title of this recipe I thought:"Oh but that must have been very difficult to prepare!"
    I know this pastry very well,because it's also very common in Italy.My mother loves it and whenever she's in Italy buying some groceries,she'll make sure to take some of this pastry,too.I like it,too :)!
    I enjoyed so much reading your story about that pastry shop in Morocco.It really shows how much you miss Morocco.Thus I wish you to visit it again as soon as possible :).
    Love my dear!

  7. waouh! Quel courage! il a l'air divin!! 1000 bravo!

  8. wow ,rien à dire tu n'arrête pas de te surpasser et de nous surprendre.
    tu es vraiment une fée.
    j'adore ce que tu fais.

  9. Wow, this cake is amazing with all the layers!

  10. Great how you make the filo yourself. I often take the ready made one from the super market. You have more patience it seems!