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03 February 2010

Camcorder problem resolved

Hi my friends,
As I promised, I would like to give you the latest news about my camcorder.
The 1st photo shows my camera which I asked for your help to download the video from the cassette to my computer.
Well my husband resolved the problem: he broke it, as you see on the photo, it is completely destroyed, it was an accident as he said.
Indeed I do not need to tell you how angry I was, after all the concerns, to ask for help in my two blogs, to go to stores to get information about camcorders, to spend hours in front of my computer, to find a solution for this problem, he (my dear husband), with a single gesture, he has made the road very short.
I was as angry as I could be, then I thought (without saying it to my dear husband), God surely has better camera for me out there somewhere.

He ( my dear husband), to appease my anger, he promised me to buy another one the next day (it doesn't matter the price).
We went to the store, we were lucky to meet Marvin, he works there, he explained to us the difference between some of them, which helped us to choose the right one for me.

Thank you Marvin, thank you my dear friends for your help and for your support, your comments always give me a big pleasure.

Of course I have to take advantage of the opportunity and to buy something
else which I really need.

I am going to test my new camcorder and see if I like it.
Unfortunately husbands are not for sale with guarantee like camcorders lol.

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  1. Nice to know u got a new one...good your problem got solved soon..