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01 December 2009

Sheep Lungs & Tripe (The Moroccan way)

Today, I present you a typical Moroccan dish that we prepare on the occasion of El Eid, a recipe using lungs and tripe from sheep, with onion, garlic, parsley, coriander and spices.


  1. je ne me serais jamais doutée qu'il s'agit de tripes et de poumon de mouton! les epices sont delicieuses! quel plat unique!

  2. I tasted this dish it was delicious YAM YAM, thank you sabah.


  3. Hi my dear what a delicious dish, am going to make it next week inchalah. I'd devided the lungs & trip into 2: first I made bakbouka the famous Oujdi dish and then I'll make t9elya the popular moroccan dish
    OK the introduction's link to the Moroccan cuisine is in your mail please check it, I've just sent a copy to Arlette
    Hope u a fine day best wishes

  4. we have a different version and it's called bopis =)

  5. salut,

    j'adore t9elia 3tak allah saha !