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06 December 2009

Poppy seed Knots

Before presenting you my current recipe, let me thank you for your nice comments which really cheered me up because my mood was really down.
Thanks for your warm friendship and for your loyalty.

The current recipe is a bread with poppy seeds ,ideal for breakfast.


  1. Hi Sabah :)!
    I'm so glad to see that you're back with your recipes,because that means that your daughter feels better.I send you a hug my dear!
    Thanks a lot for this recipe.I love poppy seed breads!Kiss,kiss...

  2. Hi Sabah,
    As always allah yatik assaha, and thank-You
    You are THE BESTTTT!!!!!!


  3. Great job! They look delicious :)

  4. they are delicious!!! omg! love poppy seeds in bakery!

  5. bravo, ils sont superbes tes petits noeuds, la seule fois ou j'ai tenté le coup, c'était la cata !!!!