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09 December 2009

New Award

I have the great pleasure to receive this award from two of my friends,
Cuisine à 4 mains and Simplicitybythesea, which I thank a lot.
This tag consists of telling 7 things about itself. I have recently posted another tag where I mentioned 7 unknown things about me.
I offer this price to all my friends who honor me with their visits, they all deserve to be rewarded, they do great work to present you beautiful recipes.
I thank each one of them by offering them this beautiful prize.


  1. Esalaams Sabah,

    Yes your blog really deserves the award for all the nice recipes and hard work you do! I am really gald you put your videos on Ibkis ... for me it is really to watch them now elhamdullah =)

  2. thanks and congrats to everybody!