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02 September 2009

Cyrry Chicken

This is my first video using curry, for the curry lovers out there, I hope you like it.
Personally I think I will be using curry in more dishes in the future. /


  1. Salam sabah this dish sounds delicious
    i've never used curry but i'll try inchalah
    seha ftorek

  2. this is a unique curry dish, I love cooking curries and this one is a must try. =)

  3. Ton plat me donne l'eau a la bouche.Bravo pour la presentation et saha ftourek

  4. This curry looks inviting and yummy.Hey dear, I have tagged you in my post, please accept it.

  5. Bravo ma chère pour cette recette.Moi aussi il m'arrive de cuisiner avec le Curry,question de goût.

  6. tu peux pas imaginer combien j'adore ce plat...!
    la présentation est superbement colorée.
    bisous et bon weekend