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05 September 2009

Chocolate Custard Brioche

I like all kinds of brioche, stuffed or not. This one is so soft that it melts in your mouth.
I noticed that the dough looks a lot like petit pain with chocolate, so I tried the same dough, after a few days, to make bread rolls with chocolate, the result was magnificent, you do not need to put the butter, to fold the dough and to let rest 20 min 3 or 4 times.
I will post the recipe with the video soon. /


  1. J'en aurai mordu dedans avec joie et bonheur. Quelle gourmandise.

  2. waawww very delicious this recipe!!thanks a lot w allah yaatik saha..
    je voulais te dire que je viens de créer un nouveau blog qui rassemble le best of des recettes de tous les blogs, et je voulais prendre ta permission de publier quelques unes du tien en mentionnant la référence bien sur...merci et saha ftourek

  3. Mon chéri en raffole...je note!

  4. Une gourmandise merveilleuse! Tes brioches sont à mourir!



  5. thi sure is tasty but I'm staying away from chocolates or anything sweet =(

  6. vraiment supre llah yaatik assaha bisous

  7. c bien rèussie machalahhhhhhhhh

    tbarkalah 3lik sabah

  8. je voulais te remericer pour tes recettes et surtout tout l'effort que tu fourni pour etre a l'ecoute de tous...

  9. salam sousous!
    Thx a lot for this recipe, I have been trying some of your recipe for one week now and really enjoy it!

    However, I still have one question concerning how you mesure the flour, sugar... I always have to add some more, maybe because you convert oz in ml ?

    Anyways, thanks a lot for your delicious recipe, I'm a newly bride and I live far from my mother so you are saving my life lollll....

    Good to know that you are spreading our moroccan culture in USA :-)

    Bisous from France !!!

  10. des brioches suisses
    bravo sont superbes

  11. elles sont superbes machallah
    je vais essayer de les programmer des que possible

    bisous et saha ftourek

  12. Sabah

    These are Amazing and so delicious
    and awesome looking brioche... How did I miss this posting... I need to try these very soon...
    great great my friend