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03 July 2009

My presents from Morocco

Hello my friends,
As you all know, my sister came from Morocco to visit me here in the USA, she brought me a lot of presents from my beloved country that I would like to show you.
I thank her so much and I tell her : " I love you ".
First of all, let me begin with spices, Morocco is rich with spices.

Cardamom حبة الهيل او قعقلة : follows saffron and vanilla as the world’s most expensive spice, it has a pleasant flavor and aroma.
Cardamom coffee is a symbol of Arab hospitality. Cardamom seeds are either crushed coarsely or powdered finely before using. These seeds lose their flavor quickly when ground; and it is ideal to buy only whole pods and crush them just before using.

Bay leaves
ورقة سيدنا موسى او الرند

Lepidium sativum
حب الرشاد


Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek powder

Nigella: حبة البركة Sprinkle nigella seeds over bread dough before baking.

Mace (perfect for chicken and meats)

Mace powder



Saffron used as spice and also for the color. Especially in tagines

Arabic gumm or gum acacia المسكة الحرة : beside the flavor, it has a nice parfum, used especially for cookies and coffee.

Moroccan spices called "leachoub"or "Ras el Hanout" :
Ras el Hanout is the mixture of spices used for couscous and also a large number of other dishes. Certain Ras el Hanout is elaborated combination of 37 spices, the others are less sophisticated. All contain nutmeg, ginger, lavender, cumin, hot pepper, white pepper, black pepper, macis, anise, cardamom, caraway, coriander powder and other spices in some proportion, some more, some less. /

Dried mint (my mother dried it for me) /
النعناع اليابس

Caraway seeds (excellent for breads)

زريعة الكتان

Fennel seeds



Whole wheat Couscous (not available in stores) this was made by my mother, recipe is already done, I still need to work on the video.

Barkoukch : it's like couscous (not available in stores) also prepared by my mother, I will soon make a recipe with it.

Barley , recipe with barley coming soon.

Different kind of scents, used chiefly as incense and in perfumes.
الجاوي والند

Lythracees "Henna" حنة

Henna is the Arabic name of the shrub Lawsonia Inermis. The leaves of this shrub are dried and pulverized to obtain the powder henna.
It is from these dried and pulverized leaves that we extract a red dye called henna.It exists in wet zones of North Africa and the South of Asia. This powder, very popular among the women of the Islamic countries, it is used in multiple manners, but especially for hair coloring, for temporary tattoos on the skin and for dying of finger nails and fingers, also for the occasion of weddings.

Salvadora persica called "Siwak" " السواك " is extracted from the arak tree.
The souak is a plant native of the Maghreb. The souak is recognized for its antiseptic, astringent and healing propreties. It makes teeth whiter , eliminates the impurities and cleanses the breath. It strengthens and also cleans up gums. Teeth are solid and more brilliant. /

Argane oil & Castor oil /
زيت اركا ن و زيت الخروع

10 Oilten ( 100% natural perfect for the hair ):
-Almond oil
-Avocado oil
-Argane oil
-Wheat germ oil
-Corn oil
-Nigella oil
-Apricot seed oil
-Ricin oil
-Sesame oil
-Sunflower oil

Argane oil soap /
صابون زيت اركان

Lavender soap /
صابون الخزامة

Gel with Argane oil /
كريما بزيت اركان

Moroccan Clay called "Ghassoul" good for hair and face, it absorbs all the impurities, tightens pores and satine the skin. Rhassoul washes, revitalizes and gives the volume to the hair./

The kohl is a black or grey powder. It was formerly used as eye drops. It is a true medicine against the conjunctivitis and it protects the eyes against the reverberation and cleanses the white of the eye, the lens. It is a real symbol of the oriental beauty.
It stored in a small bottle which has a small wooden stick that is dipped into the grey or black powder "Lmerwed", then we make slide this stick between both eyelids starting from the outside to the inside of the eye. /

Red powder called " Leker el fassi العكر الفاسي " ( perfect for the face, it clarifies the skin ). /

Silver Jewelry ( I love to wear silver jewerly especially in summer time ).

My favorites presents are these Moroccan handmade ceramic colourfull plates /

Original traditional Moroccan dresses called " Kaftan قفطان " or " Badiya بدعيا " for my little daughter Jenna-Aicha, she is two years old.
Check out those beautiful colors.

My sister didn't forget the famous Moroccan schoes called " Balgha بلغة " /

Look at my daughter, isn't she beautiful in Moroccan dress ?


  1. Wow! What lovely gifts ma sha Allah! You've made me want to visit Morocco. I love the pottery and my kids had those dresses too! I just made some of the Hercha for the second time (because dh liked it the first time :) ) but this time I put cardamom in it instead of the other spices because I LOVE cardamom.

  2. besahaaaaa warahaaaaaaaaaa

    hadcgi ghsal

    lahykhali lik ta soeurs yabiiiiiiii

  3. salam alikom warahmato allah wabarakatouh ma chère sabah,

    Premièrement je te dis alhamdolillah 3la slamtak, vraiment tu m'as manquée ainsi machallah 3la ta fille qu'Allah la protège pour toi inchallah.

    Merci pour les explications d'épices c est interessant.

    je te souhaite une belle journée

  4. Tbarkllah , superbes cadeaux,tout est bien joli.
    Que Dieu protège ta petite princesse, est à croquer, machaallah.
    Bonne fin de journée

  5. MachAllah what nice gifts. Some even I did not find here in Algeria. Maybe once you have time, you could tell us little more about some of the more unusual ones ... maybe with recipes!

    And Allah leiberek your daugher is so beautiful in her Moroccan outfit! =) May Allah protect her! amin

  6. You are making us jealous ya Sabah.

    mabrouk mabrouk.... very nice gift and from the heart, so every time you use them, you know that they were picked with love. Same thing here every time one of my family comes over for a visit i receive plenty of stuff I cannot find it in Canada.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us....
    I love the cute girl in her dress.... allah yekhaliha ya rab.
    and of course I cannot forget the beautiful plates you got. they are gorgeous.

  7. wow so much presents! your sister really broughta lot for you =)

  8. How lucky!! Such wonderful treasures!! My dream is to visit Morroco

  9. article trop intéressant plein de belles choses!!! félicitations w Allah ykhallilek laaroussa!

  10. tu nous a fait voyager sabah, bessaha o raha ta soeur t'as vraiment gâtée, tu nous a résumé en quelques photos la richesse de notre pays.

  11. Trop belle ta fille!lkhmouss 3liha,rabi yahdhiha inchaallah.

  12. mé t => oublié cheba lol kkkkkk (^__^)

  13. machâa l'Allah
    ton blog et très bien, de belles images
    bonne continuation

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    way you write is awesome.Thanks. Adding more information will be more useful.