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17 January 2010

Honey Wheat Bread

I love bread. I grew up in a family where we ate a fresh, home-made bread every day.
I kept this habit to make my own fresh bread, I like this great smell which fills the whole house,
I enjoy to bake other breads, coming from other cultures, containing different ingredients.
This time, I'll show you how to prepare a very simple bread , with some honey, I used organic wheat flour.
This it is a recipe that I found in one of my German books, Germany is very known for this kind of bread.


  1. perfectly baked bread....home made bread is always a best option and will be more delicious then what v get outside..

  2. Nothing will beat the home made breads..looks yummy..

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  4. Hello SABAH
    Shall we start with saying congratulation my friend or what a nice healthy looking bread.
    I just made my dough and its resting...\
    so glad for you friend.. good luck and all the best.

  5. This freshly baked bread looks so yummy!

  6. Sabah, you made it look so easy to make! I always wnated to try to make bread, i think will start from your recipe!

  7. Hi Sabah, this bread looks so yummy Allah yatik assaha you still are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. il m'a l'air délicieux ! Tu es un vrai chef!