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08 October 2009

El Gedid (Dried Meat)

In El Eid (Muslim Holiday), our custom consists that every family, as far as its means allow, sacrifices a sheep. We prepare meals with this meat, Tagines , couscous, and grilled as well, we leave part of the meat to dry, that what we call "El Gedid".
The meat is marinaded in several spices and dried under the sun, so that we can eat all year long.
I did not make a video this time, because my mother had already prepared El Gedid and sent it to me from Morocco with my sister, yes El Gedid travelled from Morocco to America.
My dear mother wanted to make sure that I had El Gedid d' El Eid this year, it is her recipe that I reveal to you today
(God bless her).


- 2 kilos beef
- 4 Tbs salt
- 6 garlic cloves
- 3 Tbs coriander powder
- 1 Tbs cumin
- a pinch of saffron
- 1/2 tsp turmeric
- 1/2 cup olive oil
- 1/4 cup vinegar


Wash the meat, dry, cut in length, make an incision with the knife, so that the spices are absorbed into the meat (this helps the meat from rotting).
Let marinade for at least one hour, hang the meat on a thread, let dry under the sun all day long, to bring inside for the evening, then the next day, hang it again under the sun until it is well dried
and its color becomes dark.

To keep El Gedid all year long, honnestly, I have no idea, because I never prepare it myself, I asked my mother who said to me this :
You should not put it in the freezer, it is simply necessary to cover it with a white cloth and to put it in a plastic bag, keep it in a drawer, to take it out every two months and sun dry it. /


  1. this is just like the beef or pork tapa that i love to make =) your mom so nice to send you that meat.

  2. It's very delicious indeed, I love it in couscous and prepared in khlii, very delicious!!

  3. We make these at grandma's place,we call it dry kababs :D

  4. Une recette que j'ai toujours rêver d'avoir.Je vais tester la tienne dés que je peux.Mais tu n'as pas dit comment et ou les mettre pour les conserver?.

  5. A te lire , cela semble tellement facile. Il faudra essayer.

  6. Bonjour Sabah, viens sur mon blog, j'ai une surprise pour toi!!.