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03 August 2009

Chocolate Truffels Cake

Hello my friends,
I prepared this cake to celebrate with you my Hundredth Recipe, oh yes this cake will be my Recipe Number 100.
I would like to thank every person who visited, read, took or noted my recipes or left comments on my blog.
Because of you and your encouragements, I continue to make recipes, I hope that you will find here what you are looking for.
Returning to the cake, I admit that I am not good in this area mainly because I do not like neither cake nor chocolate, it's strange isn't it ?.
But one thing is for sure, I have made it with love for you. My family loved it.
Guess what ? I ate a piece, I believe that because of this cake, I am going to begin to like cakes and chocolate./


  1. tres beau gateau machallah! felicitation pour ton centieme post et longue vie a ton blog

  2. Quoi tu n'aimes pas le chocolat?!!!en tout cas ton gâteau je l'aurais bien mangé moi ,il est superbe !Continues à nous régaler avec tes belles recettes ,fiamaniLLAH !

  3. Congrats! That cake looks very pretty and delicious!



  4. Bravo pour ce gateau ,il est delicieux comme j'adore le chocolat ,je testerais bien ta recette in chaallah.Bisous

  5. salam ma chere sousou....ton gateau au chocolat est super et surtout ces feuilles de la menthe formés avec du chocolat...bravo....bizou

  6. Congratulations on a 100th recipe! The cake looks wonderful. I love the leaf decorations!

  7. i like the leaf idea...so clever! i like your cake but too much chocolatey for me =P

  8. congratulation my dear
    your cake looks beatiful
    I like it

  9. Miammm je suis sure que ce gateau est délicieux!!

  10. happy 100 recipes and wish you 1000 more!
    sorry i am late in checking in here and looking at your great recipes.
    as for the last post about writing your recipes, i understand completely what you mean....life is so busy for all of us and to do something that makes you happy is the best thing, and to share it with others in your own way is even better!! Wish you the best and PLEASE, do not ever think about erasing your cooking blog, it is a great place to find all these delicious recipes that are made with love and care...take care!