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18 July 2009

Stuffed Dates التمر معمر

In Moroccan tradition, when we are host to somebody who is dear to us, we present him dates and milk.
I present to you a version of stuffed dates à la marocaine today that I prepared for my sister last month to welcome her here in America.
Yes I took these dates and milk with me to the airport. She was very happy. /


  1. Salam

    Machallah your blog is gorgeous! not only it's bilangual but also you take the extra mile to include videos and step-by step pictures!
    As a blogger, I know how much time consuming the whole affair is , but some readers just take things for granted and write only to say ... they expect this or that as if you're getting paid for the job .....
    I , myself, had the idea of deletting my blog so many times just because of similar comments!

    any way, keep up the good work and all the best , dear

    By the way, beautiful dates....CAN'T WAIT FOR RAMADAN! LOL

  2. En algerie aussi on prepare ces dattes farcie a la pate d'amande surtout au ramadhan mais votre tradition est superbe ,le fait d'acceuillir un etre cher de cette facon waw!!.Ta soeur doit etre heureuse par ton charmant acceuille.Tes recettes sont toujours un delice.Bisous

  3. you are so detailed! i bet your kids love your treats. i'm not too fond of dates so i think i'll skip on this one but i love your end products =)

  4. Stuffed dates are surely very pleasing and nutritious treat :D

  5. يا سوسو يعنى انا لو جيت على اميركا هتستنينى فى المطار بالحاجات الحلوة دى
    طب انا جاااااااااااى و غلاوتك لأجى
    تسلم ايدك حلو اوى و الفكره اللى وراها تجنن...ايه بس الشعوب العاطفيه دى !!!!