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13 July 2009

Fish gratin with Bechamel sauce

Hi my friends,
Today I invite you to share with me this delicious dish "Fish gratin with Bechamel sauce".
It's an easy gratin recipe with fish fillets and bechamel sauce, with mushroom, onions, potatoes and cheese. /


  1. almost similar to what we love to prepare and eat, this must be good too!

  2. never tasted a fish gratin!!! time to try it with your recipe. thanks a lot.
    i like the videos you put at the end of your articles!! must be tyring to prepare!!! bravo

  3. Hello Sabah:

    You are doing an outstanding job here. Congrats! Not only you publish your recipes in different languages but you also video tape them. This is Great!. I am sure your recipes taste yummy!...

    Where are you based?