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22 May 2009

Marble Madelaine / مادلين بالشوكولا

Why I started baking Madelaines ?
I was tired of paying 5 to 6 dollars per package ( about 6 pieces ) at the grocery store.
My daughter Jenna -Aicha loves them and sometimes they were the only thing that she would eat. Since they were gone within two days, I had to find a solution for this expensive problem.
So I decided to make them myself. The only thing that may be expensive are the madelaine sheets themselves. But if you look around, you can find them second hand like I did.
As you can see from the recipe, they are quick, easy and cheap to make.


  1. Tes madelaine au chocoat sont superbes et la recette est simple donc a tester surtout que mes enfants adorent.Aufaite ton blog est tres long pour s'ouvrir pourquoi? Bisou

  2. miam,comme elles sont belles!!!!

  3. That's a smart thing to do, since you bake and cook might as well just do your own. It's a bigger savings and can taste better too.