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07 May 2009

LambTagine & green beans

There are different tagine recipes in Morocco, this is one of the most traditional, you can substitute lamb with beef or chicken.
All my tagines recipes can be prepared in a normal pot if you don't have a tagine.


  1. such a hearty dish , i prefer to cook it with beef. =D

  2. Merci pour ta vidéo. Je saurai mieux rentabiliser les tajines que j'ai ramenés du Maroc. A bientôt.

  3. Delicious combo of beans and lamb:)I love Moroccan food,glad I found your blog.

  4. I like the Moroccan kitchen which it looks like algerian cooking.I like the recipe of the green beans.In my recipe I puts zucchini in the place of the potato but I am going to try yours .I have no earthenware cooking pot(meat stew)so I am going to buy it in the future. I love your receipts and blog.Best regards souska