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13 April 2009

Tangia in video الطنجية

Today's recipe is Tangia, it's a specialty dish from Marrakesh (Morocco) where my sister Hayat lives. She gave me this recipe which I really like. I hope you like it too.
I dedicate this video to her, she is a very kind person and a good cook as well. /

Tangia transforms simple food to something exotic. The aroma that comes from this dish while cooking will make you hungry even if you just ate. The scent of the ground coriander, roasting lamb (or beef) and preserved lemon gives the feeling that you are sitting in the middle of Jammaa lefna (the famous town square of Marrakesh).

Tangia should not be confused with a tagine. A tagine is also a slow-cooked stew and the name is applied both to the stew and to the shallow dish with its conical lid in which it is cooked.

A tangia is a dish traditionally cooked by men, it is a specialty dish of Marrakesh. Traditionally the man of the house will prepare the Tangia in the morning, drop it off at the neighborhood bathhouse on his way to work and pick it up several hours later on his way home.

Tangia must be cooked in the ashes of the fires that burn underneath the city's hammams (public bath).


  1. Marhaba Sabah

    the Tangia looks very interesting,
    I like to try it, I have a clay pot with a cover do you think it will work if I bake it in the oven on low heat, did you fry the meat in the Samen first or just put everything in the pressure cooker mixed and closed the lid. and simmered on low.

  2. Hi Arlette, it's really a good idea, if you don't want to use a pressure cooker, you put all the ingredients together in your clay pot and back it, exactly like a dutch oven, you don't need to fry the meat first.
    Thanks for your visit.

  3. salam.labas?kider?marhaba sabah
    i'm Malaysian student in morocco and i like moroccon food.and i hope went i go back to malaysia i know how to cooking moroccans food like harirah,tagien,sousou or couscous.oh ya.i'm now in kenitra.nice to meet your blog.

  4. That slow cooked tangia looks sooo good!